Thursday, December 10, 2015

Oh My!

   It was not long before I realized that i need to do something about this Dude with the Dick.  It has been amazingly wonderful to have his dick at my place this past week.  Watching it walk around the place. Watching it bounce as he fixed dinner. Watching it get soft then hard as he would take a shower. Watching that dick ooze precum when he scratched his balls.
   It has been a wonder that  no matter what I might be doing..when he says he is ready, and without speaking I open my Hole once again.   Like last night... I was working on the computer for work. And he said he was ready and like a zombie I stopped, lubed my Hole. bent over the chair and in he went!
                           Maybe this is too much sex!  It it possible to have too much sex?


  1. Too much sex would be defined only if it interferes with other important matters. I'm sure you finished what needed to be done for work and met the deadline, right?


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