Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Sermon......What is it all about?

             Good morning my friends! As always, I am so thankful for the comments and emails.  I tis always interesting to read what you think of the blog.  If you are a regular reader and have not left a comment, please do.  Evenif it is just to say hello.
              So....... it is Sunday morning here at Queer Heaven.  It is a beautiful morning and the sun is beaming through my front window which is right over my bed.  And a totally messy bed it is!  The sheets are rumpled and full of a week's worth of Cum & Sweat & Vodka & and just plain man smell. 
              The Dude with the Dick has slipped on a pair of shorts and gone outside for the first time all week. He is stiiting on the terrace sipping on some coffee and smoking a cigarette. When I told him I write a blog and that I was telling all my readers about him and his fabulous Dick, he just smiled and turned away.
            Yesterday afternoon Randy got to meet this Dick.  I watched as he took this Dick deep inside while being sprawled over the arm of the couch.  Randy got Fucked again in the bathroom. And after a lunch the Dude with the Dick had fixed Randy rode that Dick with a grin I had never seen on his face before. 
            I can't explain what makes this Dick so special... I asked Randy later what he thought... he did not know either... he just told me that he had never, ever felt such electricity up his Hole.  
           I wonder how long this Dude with the Dick will stay with me. 
                         Oh....... he just brought his Dick back inside and guess what he is ready to do?   


  1. Sunday mornings are for coffee, the New York Times and dick. Thanks for the post.

  2. A Dick in the Butt on a sunday morning! What could be better?

  3. I have a feeling that when your friend walked back inside, he was not coming back in for another cup of coffee! :-)

  4. Well, to tell you the truth...
    The dude must be proud he & his tool are talked about online. :D All is well.

  5. believe me, you don't have to pray me to write an "hello"


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