Saturday, December 5, 2015

Your Sexual Path

     As we walk through this lifetime,we often find ourselves wondering why?   Why this? Why that?
Most of the time there is not clear answer.  No reason, no way to figure it out.   The important thing to remember is to keep yourself on the center road.  And as you walk this center road, be completely true to yourself.  And never.....never let anyone tell you you are on the wrong path.  It is your path and only your path.  
       I told Randy and Waiter guy about this Dude with the Dick. They think I am crazy.  But this is my path and I feel this Dude with the Dick is here for some special reason.
      This Dude with the Dick has walked into my life.  He has been amazing.  He has been mysterious.  He has been totally naked for the past week.  He has not left my apartment once. He has not said more than 10 words the whole time.  And that Dick of his just never seems to want to rest.       Now it seems that my Butt Hole needs a little time off.  A little time without that Dick of his doing what he does so good.   
     This Dude with the Dick was just supposed to be a simple random onetime Fuck.  Wow!  It really changed. And now I am not sure what to do.  Ah yes....take my own advice and just let things be. But late late last night I asked him if he might like to try one of my buddy's Asses.  And with a slight smile he shook his head yes.  He then opened up a new fresh condom and slid it on his most wonderful Dick and just said his first total sentence ...." call him , I am ready now"
    So.....Randy is coming over this afternoon to open his hole.


  1. Another wonderful post. It is really good to know that even someone like you does not always know which way to go.

  2. The intense! ....and - not surprisingly - a very intense set of hot images! ....first one is incredible! Great post!

  3. I agree with Luke. This is one of my favorite photo sets. Every image is so hot!


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