Thursday, October 25, 2012

Massage & Cum

        Good morning to all of you!   Great to see you stopped by. I sure hope you morning is good so far.  I'm feeling pretty good far at least.   Yesterday at work was a real bitch!  But going to the Turkish Baths afterwards really made a difference. I sat in one of the steam rooms for such a long time... it felt great. Then instead of roaming around looking for a Dick or an Ass, I opted to pay for a Scrub and Massage. Simply wonderful... !  When he was almost finished, I just laid on the table and continued to relax a bit.  My Dick was totally soft and relaxing also.  He asked if I would like my butt hole massaged. Well that did it.... His hands  rubbing my cheeks and a finger in my ass... Da Dick O'Mine just popped up to attention and before either he or I could touch my dick... I popped a full load.


  1. A perfect end to a tough day! Hope today is better for you!

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  3. Now that is a great masseur and massage!! MMMMM

  4. I love a story with a "HAPPY" ending. I enjoyed the pix. Thanks. Cheers, AOM

  5. WOW What a happy ending. Nice pics. I'mma have to try that massage thing. I've had it happen to me once


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